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Jarus is a Canadian-born artist and muralist who is mostly inspired by the visual human experience. Jarus has been working with communities across Canada and around the globe to produce large scale portraits for the over past eight years. Jarus’s artworks can be found within major cities around the world as well as across rural settings.

Besides, Jarus has had a notable international recognition as a contemporary muralist and figurative painter. Although he had his formal art education from art institution, he acquires in-depth knowledge of art mostly from his grandmother and the inspiration he got from other graffiti artists as well as the resources found on the Internet. Through his art, Jarus attempts to depict a story of an individual spirit that is relevant to the metabolism of the particular neighbourhood.


A combination of acrylic, latex, and aerosol paint are used by Jarus to create representations of the people whom he’s inspired throughout his travel journeys. Todays, Jarus’s works are found in the cities of Malaysia, Canada, India, Germany, Belgium, Ukraine, Australia, France, etc.

Emmanuel Jarus
(Toronto, Canada)

Previously being in the medical field, Caryn has since rediscovered her passion in the arts. She graduated from Dasein Art Academy and was presented with ‘Outstanding Achievement Award’ in Fine Arts. Besides, Caryn is also part of an art collective Titikmerah in Kuala Lumpur. Her artworks are deeply personal as her works revolve around her past and subjects dealing with life and death.


Additionally, she reimagines herself during her adolescent years and converts them into art paintings in various situations based on what she has been through or her thoughts about certain issues. Caryn has participated in several fine art exhibitions held in different countries.


Also, she has painted murals in different regions of Malaysia, United Kingdom, Spain, Philippines as well as Jogjakarta. Caryn’s recent participation in art events include Swindon Open Studios of UK, Torrefarrera Art Festival in Spain, Bring the Paint festival in Leicester of UK, and Another Fine Fest in Ulverston, UK.

Koh Hooi San (Caryn Koh) 
(Kuala Lumpur)