Morik was born in 1982. Even though he has obtained two higher educational qualifications in philology and economics at the Novosibirsk State University, he always looking forward to connecting his life with visual arts. In 1998, Morik started to explore hip hop culture and graffiti art through the Internet. He has then built up the skills of spray-painting and began to experiment with fonts.


In the mid-2000s, together with artist Andrey Berger (Aber), Morik started to organise different graffiti and street art events including Paint Methods festival which took place in the major cities of Siberia in Russia. During 2010s, he began to experiment with different subjects and techniques, particularly the mix of abstract and figurative paintings, exploring the modern art trends. He focuses on the texture of material and typographic elements.


Morik has participated in art exhibitions held not only in Russia but also in Europe and the United States. He collaborates a lot with street art galleries all over the world and frequently participates in major international street art festivals in Spain, France, Italy, Denmark, Czech Republic, etc.

Marat Danilyan (Morik) (Novosibirsk, Russia)

Leonard is a self-taught mural artist. He specialises in painting human figures, animals and portraits over the past six years since he started to paint on walls. Through his creations that depict the rich contents about the local art, culture and heritage in diverse forms, at places within the city of Kuching, he has constantly contributed towards building the local street art scene in Kuching.


Leonard’s interest in mural painting is due to his passion for illustration design. He attempts to transform his digital form of art into a larger scaled art that made accessible to the public viewers using paint rollers brushes. The subject of arts for his creation very much depending on the connection and relationship that he has built between himself and the subject based on a theme in mind.


Besides actively participating in mural art events held in Kuching, Leonard has made it be selected as the first Malaysian to join Wall to Wall Festival Benalla 2018 to paint a wall in Benalla, Victoria, Australia. His mural creations can now be seen in Sarawak, Victoria (Australia) and Massachusetts (United States).

Siaw Quan Cheng (Leonard) 
(Kuching, Sarawak)

Aries Kong (a.k.a Jagung), a self-taught artist, has decided to become a full-time muralist after he quitted his day job four years ago, due to the strong passion for art. Armed with brushes, spray cans and paints, he painted his first mural in a shopping mall in his hometown, Sibu. His first mural has attracted local attention. Aries was then started to receive offers from different towns and cities in Sarawak as well as from other states in Malaysia, which commissioning him to paint murals to beautify the different facades in different places.


Besides, he has also invited to paint in Taiwan, Melbourne and Shanghai. Aries, who is better known as Jagung among his friends and clients, painted commissioned walls at cafes, lounges, kindergartens and shopping malls following the theme decided by the clients. In four years, Aries has created a total of 120 pieces murals at different places in and out of Malaysia.  His creations are found in different states of Malaysia, Taiwan, Melbourne and Shanghai.

Kong Chak  Kiong
(Aries Kong/ Jagung)
(Sibu, Sarawak)