Judith is born and raised in Amsterdam. She started spray painting on the streets by the age of 15 after she was introduced to a spray can for the first time by the graffiti artists. In 2015, she started her first commissioned work. Now she owns a studio on the east side of Amsterdam where she works when she does not paint murals. With a passion for realism, expression and public art, she has become a reputable street artist who is actively involved in street art events and festivals held in different cities all over Europe.


She was awarded as the youngest winner of the Young Talent Dutch Street Art Awards in 2017. Since 2017, she started her public art-making journey in Asian cities by visiting Penang as her first destination to explore.


In Kulim, Kedah, Judith painted her first piece of the mural in Asian city which was then listed in the Collection of Best Street Art 2017 by ISSA (I Support Street Art). Today, Judith public artworks could be seen in cities of Malaysia, Paris, Netherlands, Athens, Denmark, Berlin, Switzerland, USA, Kosovo, etc.

Judith de Leeuw
(JDL street art)
(Amsterdam, Netherlands)


Abdulrashade is a contemporary graffiti artist who was brought up in a small town in Penang - Balik Pulau. He started to become full-time graffiti artist since 2014. In the mid of 2016, he was selected as one of the eight Malaysian artists who were invited to paint 24 huge murals at the district of Karama in Dubai. Instead of working on the mainstream graffiti art and painting, Abdulrashade created his style in which he mixes a hint of spice from the Nusantara (South East Asia) culture with floral designs and subjects related to local mergastua (wild animals).


He attempts to highlight those elements in his creations. Abdulrashade endeavours to create awareness about the endangered species of local wild animals that are threatened by extinction through his art. His basic art style presents the integration of wildstyle lettering with abstract and massive composition. He has recently started to experiment with injecting the characters and folk stories into his creation to attract more attention from the public eyes. Abdulrashade has created public murals in the cities of Malaysia, Indonesia, Dubai, Taiwan, etc.

Abdul Rashid B. Abdul Rahman
(Balik Pulau, Penang)

Andharas is a local street artist based in Malacca. Andharas sees himself as a mural art and graffiti practitioner. He loves to paint portraits as well as figurative art on the wall by using spray paints. Even though most of the artworks created by Andharas were presented on walls, he is also active in creating canvas art and participating in fine art exhibitions in Malaysia. Andharas has recently joined two international graffiti crews, namely B.A.M.C from Los Angeles, United States and Z.N.C from Singapore.


With his strong determination in developing his strong skills in graffiti or urban art, he has turned many walls on streets at different cities in different states of Malaysia into his creative art pieces for the public viewing. He has participated in multiple street art festivals and events held in Malaysia.


In 2019, Andharas has created his works in Balik Pulau and Labuan during his participation in Balik Pulau Festival 2019 and The Borneo Arts Festival (BAF) 2019. Besides the towns and cities in Malaysia, Andharas’s creations could be seen in Singapore and cities in Indonesia too.

Amir Andhar B. Abu Samah (Andharas)