Julia Volchkova (Nizhnevartovsk, Russia)

Julia’s first creation for street art festival was in Ukraine in 2013. After completing her Diploma in Arts in the year 2010, she began to base in St. Petersburg, working actively on graffiti and street art, focusing on portraits or figurative art. After her first participation in the street art festival in Ukraine in 2013, she started to travel to Asia countries, including Indonesia and Malaysia, where she began her exploration and in-depth study of the different cultures in Asia.


As inspired by multiculturalism in Malaysia, she repeatedly visiting cities in Malaysia, to paint large-scale murals on streets to portray different communities of the local people. Her creations in different cities have now captured worldwide attention.


Her mural of “The Loving Sisters” located at Muar, Johor was listed as “The Largest Portrait Mural in Malaysia” in The Malaysia Book of Records in 2016. Today, Julia’s creations are seen in the cities of Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Dubai, Mexico, etc.

Kenji Chai.jpg
Chai Vui Yung (Kenji Chai)
(Sandakan, Sabah)

Kenji is currently based in Kuala Lumpur where he is headhunted by the biggest brands to work on commissioned wall art. Painting graffiti art and murals in his art style in different cities around the world being his life career which he performs his best.


Kenji was bred on comics, cartoons and storybooks since his early age. He spent rummaging through these worlds of imagination in his art creations. At present, Kenji is famed for his graffiti and murals, blasted with explosive colours and positive vibes that present joyful appearances with mixed of humour and mischief elements. He tags most of his work with the image of “Chaigo”, the turquoise dog which he was inspired by the strays who live on the streets.


His latest mission in his art-making journey is to bring nature to the concrete jungle through his art in the cities. To Kenji, art is a form of meditation where he believes he lives to paint instead of paint to live. Today, Kenji’s creations could be found in cities of Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, USA, etc.