A short boat ride sailing along together with a local fisherman who is working at sea has enough to lead you through seeing and be amazed with the bravery of a man who is working hard for a simple but meaningful livelihood.


The artwork is about a local fisherman getting ready to fish in the ocean. The ocean connects the island and the mainland of Penang by supplying the source of food from sea to the people living on the island as well as on the mainland.


The concept of the artwork relates to an idea about how each group of community coming from different fields or different groups could contribute and support each other in the society of a city towards better future in life for all.

Title: Offshore 
by Emmanuel Jarus

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Batu Kawan, once a sleepy fishing hamlet, is where the second Penang Bridge is. It links Batu Maung on the Penang Island. The girl, a close friend of the artist, is seen grasping on to the braided rope. She stays still, seated cosily, looking down at the rope in her hand.


Establishing the connection between containers and across to the unknown, like the bridge, that represents the past and the future it may hold; she seems hesitant, yet the connection lives on, with hope of what may come.

Title: Connection 

by Caryn Koh