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This is the collage of local elements that relevantly showcasing the local community's lifestyle which the artist found interesting during his visit at Balik Pulau. The artwork shows a collage with a mixture of textures, patterns, plants, floors, walls and objects found on Balik Pulau’s streets.


The highlight of the composition is given to the local street hawker who looks very positive, performing his daily living routines with a sunny spirit. Artist pays attention not only on the specific attractions or spots but he is amazed by the simple ordinary things and ordinary people who live their own life happily and positively.


He found that relevantly reflecting the local community within the neighbourhoods in most parts of Penang Island. In this artwork, artist intends to paint the full details which will be interesting to view on the installation at site.

Title: Once at Balik Pulau’s Street Market 

by Marat Danilyan

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Leonard’s artwork (left) pays homage and deep respect to all the hardworking rice farmers. Despite the modern and advanced machinery has slowly replaced many manual farming tasks, the rice farmers in Balik Pulau still practising the traditional mean of planting and harvesting rice by hand. They remain to cultivate each stalk of a rice plant by hand with care, hoping to ensure the supply of quality harvest every season.

Jagung’s artwork (right) shows a local durian farmer who is checking out the quality of his harvest of durian fruits before sending out the supply to the fruit stalls at the town. This being the usual daily routines of the durian farmers in Balik Pulau where most of the great quality durians are harvested every season.  Durian cultivation has continuously flourished in Balik Pulau, passing down from one generation to another generation.

Overall, the collaborative piece of art expresses the acknowledgement of the contribution of local farmers in supporting the local economy in Balik Pulau as well as in Penang.

Title: The Joy Of Harvest 

by Leonard Siaw and Jagung