Based in George Town, Penang, Bibichun is an artist who concerns himself with issues such as authorship, identity and what construes as a “public site” in the context of George Town (Penang). Bibichun sees the art on public walls as a better medium to reach the urban folks in presenting his subjects of art.


He is always looking forward to watching people’s reaction on his creations in the public sites as part of his research on the relation between the different art contents and the different groups of people at the different venues.


Besides actively participating in urban or street art projects and events, Bibichun is also an experienced fine artist who has participated in multiple group exhibitions and festivals around the world including Urban Folklore (Kunstraum, Innsbruck in Austria), Weapon of Mass Change, G40 (Art Whino, Maryland in U.S.) and Beyond Pressure Contemporary Art Festival (Yangon in Myanmar). Todays, Bibichun’s murals could be seen in cities of Malaysia (i.e. George Town, Kuala Lumpur, Kuching, etc.) as well as in Medan, Indonesia and Shanghai, China.

Khor Zew Wey (Bibichun)
(George Town, Penang)