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Aries Kong (a.k.a Jagung), a self-taught artist, has decided to become a full-time muralist after he quitted his day job four years ago, due to the strong passion for art. Armed with brushes, spray cans and paints, he painted his first mural in a shopping mall in his hometown, Sibu. His first mural has attracted local attention. Aries was then started to receive offers from different towns and cities in Sarawak as well as from other states in Malaysia, which commissioning him to paint murals to beautify the different facades in different places.


Besides, he has also invited to paint in Taiwan, Melbourne and Shanghai. Aries, who is better known as Jagung among his friends and clients, painted commissioned walls at cafes, lounges, kindergartens and shopping malls following the theme decided by the clients. In four years, Aries has created a total of 120 pieces murals at different places in and out of Malaysia.  His creations are found in different states of Malaysia, Taiwan, Melbourne and Shanghai.

Kong Chak  Kiong
(Aries Kong/ Jagung)
(Sibu, Sarawak)
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