Sasha is born in 1987 in Kirovsk. Since 2009, he started his conscious work on the street as a graffiti artist. Along the way, Sasha developed his preferred art style in which he started to focus on the creation of portraits with spray paints on canvas.


The peculiarity of his creative work is the representation of the “characters” (pictures), namely portraits and not fonts. Sasha’s works are characterised with an entwinement of styles and different techniques such as photorealism, pop art, decorative painting, expressive conceptualism, spray, oil, acrylic paints, etc. Since 2014, Sasha started to participate in street art projects and graffiti festivals in Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Georgia, Turkey.


Overall, he has created more than 40 large-scale murals around the world. Sasha’s favourite art subjects for his creations are something about believing in oneself, harmony between internal and external self as well as the freedom of choice in life.  Besides creating artworks, Sasha also collaborates with NGOs such as The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and Sky Art Foundation in organising various social and urban projects.

Sasha Korban
(Kirovsk, Ukraine)
Sasha Korban.jpe